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21 November 2007 @ 03:09 am



I know we all need money but what the fuck is your problem? Earn money by doing more shows, advertising more artists and other means that ARE LEGAL AND FAIR DAMN IT.

Don't hold a music award and have the nominees pay you so they'd win. DAMN LEE SOO MAN AND HIS FUCKING DIRTY TACTICS.

I feel sorry for DBSK,. SUJU and all those other artists who won in the MKMF just because they WORKED HARD PAID MKMF. I know maybe DBSk, SUJU and all the other artists didn't do it themselves but fuck, their companies did and their companies represents them.

If you're a decent artists with a heart not only set to gain money but to share your music because you love music and because you love your fans, you'd do yourself a favor and leave those fucking management companies just like what SHINHWA did.

Don't do things because of money.

And yeah, one more word for those cheaters:


and NO WAY am I apologizing this time to those who might be offended. BE OFFENDED, darn. Love the right artist.


Oh and yeah, I wonder how it feels to win an award you don't deserve? Hm.. I should go and ask SUJU, they ought to know.
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20 November 2007 @ 05:29 am
My sister told me this morning that everybody in Biz is looking for me already. That I always update my lj but never even went there, not even once.

It's my fault that I can't come in there much as I did back then. Can't even step into soompi. UGH. I'm banned, darn it! Well, by the higher ups in this house and not by the admins or mods in said forums.

When we had a working computer again, I immediately jumped in to the old ways and even took up a lot of responsibilities.  Now I feel guilty everyday for not being able to  own up and do what I have to do because of my own mistakes. Instead of jumping right in, I should have taken it easy first and let myself recover fully. I guess I didn't know my own health's vulnerability. So a few months after being the active person that I really am, I got sick again and thus, my online time was lessened, banned for any more fangirling until I get better.

20 November 2007 @ 01:02 am
I'm lame. The day after I opened 2 9 t h, I got sick. It's so frustrating because I wasn't able to update the site and Wan's birthday is tomorrow! Damn it.

Anyway, I'll do my best and really get well really soon! Must. Rest.

And yeah, because of this, my time on the internet is now limited to 5 hours a day. Which only applies every Monday to Friday. Saturdays and Sunday, no computer. Ever.

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09 November 2007 @ 03:00 pm
Okay, so I said the other day that that I'll be doing a countdown, right?

So today, I opened the site already.

2 9 T H

There you have it, folks, a countdown until the 21st of November!

I hosted it in my other domain. :) Which is cool, right? Since I only wished for one domain and suddenly I got 2.

Plus, instead of installing Wordpress like a normal person would, I installed Zeroboard which is a new tool for me. It's coded in Korean and was translated to English. Thank goodness! Only problem is, since it's translated from Korean, most of the time, I have no clue what the interface is trying to say even though it's in English but common sense makes up for it.

I hope I'll be able to post in forums again like soompi and shinbiz and shcj, GAH. It's like, not breathing when you're restricted from them. I really want to promote this one as it's Shinhwa related but heck, i can't. DARN IT.

I guess it's my fault as the minute I can walk and function normally again, I was up and about immediately and didn't even rest for a month or so. So then I got sick all over again and now I can't even do more fangirling!!!! GAGSHJSHAJSLKAMKJMZIOQIWWOIO!!!!!

And just when Shinhwa's about to come back together again! DANG IT!

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08 November 2007 @ 09:28 am
Define Perfection: ___________

Read more...Collapse )

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07 November 2007 @ 11:17 pm


I used two of the photos he posted and played with the colors. And then I made myself a little (REALLY BIG) simple poster each. Then turned them into 1024x768 wallpapers. Using the second one now and he looks so effing gorgeous!

I swear it ought to be a crime to be this perfect.

Should I post them WP? Hm...

Oh and yeah! Starting on FRIDAY, November 9, I will open up a subdomain on one of my domains hosted at DREAMHOST. And what will it be for?

A countdown to Wan's 29th Birthday.

Everyday I'll post up something, icons, wallpapers, posters, whatever; to honor Wan's birthday! But why November 9? Cause...Starting on November 9, it will be exactly 13 days until NOVEMBER 21, which is his birthday. And we all know I love 13!!!

Wait, is it November 9 or 8? HM....
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07 November 2007 @ 11:08 am

That's what I'm talking about.

It's sad to think though, that there may be some Shinhwa fans who cheated too to gain the top spot again. OH WELL.

But heck! 00.27% (it's 00.33% now) is not enough to sit back and enjoy life.

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05 November 2007 @ 08:52 am
WARNING: Sorry to those who might be offended by this post. If you are offended, please comment and tell me so. So i can make peace by saying that DBSK are great artists, especially Junsu.


Creating multiple accounts again are we?

Sorry for jumping to FACTS , er- i mean, conclusions.

Hehe, if they are cheating, surely Shinhwa fans are cheating too? Apparently, their fans are just better cheaters.

AISH, why are we not that evil???? We should be ruthless and do something! Maybe i'll advertise this in HYIP sites to gain more votes. HM.
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*warning : randomness ahead


And the leading artist is...

And let's keep it at that until November 15, shall we?

But if somehow, the big MAN suddenly waves his magic wand and manages to delete more than half of our votes again this year like what he did last year, then... well.. we can do nothing then.

He's the big MAN after all, and MNET is like... dust to him. I bet you he can make MNET change their name to ***NET if he wants to. Thankfully, he still is sane enough to not do that.

I swear I'm in love with Big Bang's Lies. Let's admit it, Big Bang's style is really "fresh" to Koreans plus it appeals to a lot of non-Korean fans because their music is the mainstream in Western Music, kinda.


If they can beat the current artist out of number one then I'm okay with that but UGH, how come they're trailing so far behind????


This is a popularity award, remember?

So people, if you want to vote in this, just follow the link I'll give at the end of this post. You get 3 votes per day, I believe. But you can't vote for the same song twice everyday. So I suggest you pick SHINHWA then vote for BIG BANG and then SE7EN.

I think Big Bang will win Best Male Group, Best Group this year. I mean, come on!

As for SHINHWA, they really aren't technically "together" as SHINHWA this year so I won't kill anyone if they don't get much of the awards I want them to have.

But Wan, Minu and Sungie as solo artists is a different story.

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28 October 2007 @ 03:56 am
Well, my perfect man is a much dedicated blogger than I am so I always check his website once every hour and dang! Just as I was about to go to bed for a 2 hour sleep, I check his blog and viola!



Well, I can't understand a lot of Korean, just yet. So I have no idea. But maybe I'll ask my sister to snoop around tomorrow. No, wait. I'll FORCE HER to find out tomorrow. I can't go snooping now as no one has translated it yet to English cause apparently, not many has seen the post yet as there were just about 267 views when I checked it, and normally, his post views are 5,600-6,000 or sometimes, even more, like 13,960 page views!

GAH, his post was made today, as in 28th of OCTOBER!!! it means he's still awake! GAWD, Wan, it's already 5 am in Korea, what the heck are you doing up so late? Unless, of course, he posted it after he woke up and not before he went to sleep. But whatever.

Okay, I'll shut up now.

Anyways, remember last post and those other posts when I kept mentioning how I want to buy a new domain, well, my dad just bought me one yesterday for a whole year with free hosting to boot! It's really EMPTY right now.


I'll fill it up Monday or, I don't know... when I get better.


Damn asthma and migrane!

Wan looks so effing yummy in a really subtle way in the picture he posted with his entry.
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