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Who else?


Well, what I really want is an 80GB iPod Video and an iMac or a Macbook Pro but heck, you gotta start small, right?

So let's start with dreaming and wanting to have an iPod Nano.


Wait, why just dream when you can really have a chance in having one by winning it from blog contests strewn all over the web. I mean, aside from iPod Touch and iPhones being the choice prize for contests nowadays, iPod Nano has already joined in with the gang.

So I searched for contests that gives away iPod Nanos and I found lots! Two caught my attention but let's talk of them one at a time. The other will be another post.

First up we have It’s Write Now 's contest. Subscribing To It's Write Now's feed will get you 1 entry, and blogging or posting about it in your blogs with a link to the site and the contest page will get you 2 entries (which is what I'm doing right now). Then you comment on the post about the contest with your post's link. The contest will end 31st of October and the winner will be announced 5th of November.

Come on, is that hard? NO! But because it's so easy to enter, many have already done both and had 3 entries already. Meaning less chances of winning. But heck! It won't kill me if I try, right?

But why did I enter? I can always just buy an iPod if I want to, right?

Well, first up, I'm not getting any allowance right now and for the next 7 months too because I'm on vacation from school.

Second, I really need the Special Editions of Wan's, Minu's and Sungie's albums!!!!

Plus that new computer we're thinking of buying to replace this one since this doesn't meet "my" standards. Heck, Adobe and Corel programs are running all at once. 256 MB of RAM won't do. Plus I just really want an HP Pavillion PC. HAHA! I mean, if I can't get an iMac, I'll settle for an HP until I turn 20 (which is in 2 years).

And.. and.. I'm thinking of buying a domain! Again. My last domain was really... erm. I didn't do anything to take care of it so it expired and I didn't renew it.

I really should write-up a WISHLIST and post it here.

First up on my list will be, 1) Marry Kim Dong Wan

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"There are less jobless Filipinos because of our economy's current state."

Very true. Why?

They're all dead from starvation, thanks to our economy's current state.

Sheesh, GMA, dream on. The economy is NOT improving for everyone. For you, maybe, together with your little chess pieces inside that "Palace" of yours. But for the little Filipino people?

They're dying already, if not, dead.

I just remembered seeing this one clip in the news some time last month.

The president was proudly telling reporters in a presscon of how our economy is improving, how the peso-dollar rate is doing very well and that the Filipinos should rejoice and be happy. Then one reporter asked her about the issue of how the masses can't feel the improvement. She then asked her, "What, are you saying that these economists (or something like that) are liars?"

My goodness.

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo had the nerve to ask that?

If I were the reporter, I'd answer her with a :

"Yes, they are most definitely liars, just like you."


I wonder how many extra layers of skin she had attached to her body to not feel our pleas and cries.

PS: Sorry, am in a ranting mood.
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15 October 2007 @ 11:39 pm

It's a Rolls-Royce Phantom worth $320,000. It's not the prettiest car but it sure is sleek. I remember seeing an episode of My Super Sweet 16 and the guy who was celebrating his 16th birthday rode in this to go to his party. The moment I saw him in it, I fell in love with the car. He looked like the president or someone equally important and influencial.

But with a car as expensive as that, I'm bound to need some protection, right? But there are thousand of insurance companies out there! So I came upon this one insurance service called Advantage Auto Quotes.

It's an online quoting service where one could have their cars, or whatever type and make you have in your garage, protected by simply completing a simple form and submitting it to them. Once you complete Advantage Auto Quotes's simple form, you'll then get multiple quotes from well known companies on all kinds of policies. Then they'll guide you to choose from those companies. Which one is best for you? They'll help you decide.

The great part is it doesn't matter what type or make your vehicle is, or if you have an excellent driving record or if you've been blacklisted already. It doesn't even matter if you're a teen (like me!) or if you're as old as my grandma (who is 71, by the way). They can help you find the perfect reliable insurer for your baby.

So now, all I need is $320,000 to buy that Phantom, then pay taxes for it, then contact Advantage Auto Quotes.

Someone want to donate?

PS: Forgot to say how I'm not gonna be driving it, if ever. I'd get myself a driver, duh.
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12 October 2007 @ 01:51 pm
18th Birthday...
and oh yeah, I'm turning 18 tomorrow

Since I have a lot of time on my hands now that I am always at home, and also since I am practically broke already, I tried searching for those stuff that I always kept on hearing that will make you earn money online.

I've always thought of those stuff as bogus.

But I think it's just a matter of which ones you would believe. Right?

So I was searching the net for legit contests and found one instantly. It's a small one wherein this one person named Cman of Cman's Cognitive Content is giving away a dollar each to the first 20 who will post about his contest in their blogs, linking back to his post about it. Plus a link from his other site (Profitable Productive Blogging) worth $20 to the first five. Then leave a comment to the post linking back to your blog about his contest and viola! You get a dollar.

I'm trying it since I won't be losing anything anyway. :)


I've been MIA these past few weeks from forums and blogging too. What the heck is my excuse now? Same old excuse.

I was sick again.

Well, originally, I wasn't sick. For the first 3 days that I haven't been online, I was actually organizing papers and such so I could enroll this semester and end this vacation which have become too long already. But on the 3rd day I went home with a terrible headache and what do you know?

Asthma and fever attacked again.

So my dad and mom decided with my grandma's permission to have me sit out on another semester. DANG! A year off already from college! I'm behind by a year from my block-mates now. So my course which would have only taken me 4 years to complete, will now take me 5 years. Instead of graduating by 2010, I'll be graduating by 2011. *curses*

CDs and DVDs...

The evil thing here is that.. no school = no money = no 신화 CDS and DVDS!!!

Good thing I still have about 1500php somewhere in my bag. That's still about $ 34...


I still haven't bought:

Minwoo's Live Works DVD 2007 ($35)
Dongwan's 1st Solo Special Repackaged Album ($26)
Minwoo's 3rd Solo Repackaged Album ($17)
Hyesung's Love of May / The Beginning New Days Japan Version ($39)


But yeah, that's life.


I don't know why I'm buying the Live Works one, is it because I totally loved the CD version? Probably. The CD version was totally worth every penny. Minwoo's energy while performing is just not for listening! I need to see it!~ Plus Dongwan's repackaged album version.. comes with a calendar with pictures he took himself, a planner, and his diary...! I EFFING NEED IT! and Minwoo's repackaged album... new pics!!!! GAWD. I saw some scans and I totally need to have it. The scans were gorgeous, what more if I could see it in real life? Plus it has makings of his 3rd album...!!!

Man, too bad I only have $34 right now. And since I won't be going to school for at least another 6 months, no money for me~~~ ㅜ__ㅜ.

You must be wondering where the heck did all my money from last year went because surely I couldn't have spent them all every day I went to school... well, I just bought these stuff:

Minwoo's Live Works 2CD + Photobook ($15)
Minwoo's 3rd Album M Explore ($13)
Minwoo's Girlfriend Live Concert 2006 DVD ($35)
Shinhwa Winter Story 2006-2007 2CD + DVD Edition ($25)
Dongwan's 1st Solo Album Kim Dong Wan Is ($13)
Hyesung's 2nd Solo Album The Beginning, New Days ($14)

So yeah... B. R. O. K. E.
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05 October 2007 @ 09:12 pm
I'm a total Ricsyung Lover.

Normally, couples are paired because of the love that fans see between them. How they hug eahc other, hang around each other, gives each other small kisses, does sweet things to each other...

But not Ricsyung. Ricsyung is a couple that became famous because of the "craving" for those said moments as the relationship between Eric and Hyesung is not your typical korean couple love.

The love-hate relationship that this couple portrays always gets me so hyper. It's not that they really hate each other, we all know all the Shinhwa members are more than close brothers. But Hyesung said it himself, when he's with Eric and the guys are around, they can joke around and act normal towards each other but once they are left alone, it gets awkward and both of them ends up taking their handphones out and texting other friends.


Eric is always after Hyesung but Hyesung is always "no-no" around Eric. Tsk Tsk. Denial King.

So anyway, I think i've already made 2 graphics dedicated to them.

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I'd like to post more pics of them but I'm really lazy right now. AUGH.

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09 September 2007 @ 03:57 am

... i'll update my lj.

lot's of things have happened ever since i last wrote here.
i got my wannie cd, my minu cd, my sungie cd, my minu poster, my wannie poster, my jinnie poster...

what else?

i met ate eliza and ate june (finally!), then rainie, neri and angel again. did i spell their names correctly? i never was good with names.

okay, 2 more minutes and 25 seconds.


what else to say?

ah yeah, i love woodong!

but i really just love wannie....

1 minute and 50 seconds...


i wish i'm drinking somehing cold right now. even though it's 4:01 in the morning already and i am yet to get some sleep.

44 seconds...

i am bored to death.

death death

29 seconds...

fine, i admit it, i love minu too.

13 seconds..


4 seconds!!!!!



bye bye~~~~

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05 August 2007 @ 10:37 pm
somehow, SG WANNABE's THANK YOU from their 2nd album just makes me smile.
thinking of wan while wriitng this.
wan is always the best cure to an aching heart.

24 hours

the sun is rising
and i'm thinking of you
of your pains
of your tears
and i hope to ease them all away in the future
hope to make you smile

the sun is blazing
and i'm thinking of you
of the ones you loved
and broke your heart
and i wish for you to be alright
for me to be right next to you and hold you tight

the sun is setting
and i'm thinking of you
of your smile
of your laughter
and how it brings me joy
brings me unexplainable happiness

the moon is shining
and i'm thinking of you
how you make me feel this
feel that
and i wonder if you know how much i love you
wonder if you know i exist to feel these things for you

my whole 24 hours is devoted to thinking of you
to loving you

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02 August 2007 @ 11:54 am

LAST JULY 28, lee minwoo turned 29. that's about 5 days ago. 


i know the greeting's TOTALLY late but who cares? right? no one. not even him. so there's no point for me to get worked up about being late because *insert incoherent ramblings here which are not really important so why listen to her?*

so yeah, i made 29 icons which are totally pathetic if you ask me. you see, i've been writing one-shots again and i think writing is sucking out any little talent i have of PS coursing through my veins. stupidmestupidmegahgahagahdiekrizzadie!!!!diediedie!!!

okay, i'm not only PS talent-less now, but i officially declare myself retarded. gawsh. ㅜㅜ~~

preview preview
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well, that's enough ramblings for today. oh! i need to email jane!
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10 July 2007 @ 03:25 pm

inspired by 
; TRUTH by Kim Dong Wan
; track #11 on his 1st album as a solo artist 
; Kim Dong Wan is


can you hear the low rumbling of the airplane above us?
we'll ride that plane one day
i'll take you so far away
and kiss you for hours under the stars
we'll play by the sea in the morning
and i'll take you shopping in the afternoon
then we'll eat icecream on cones while walking hand in hand
we'll spend the rest of our lives together like that
and when i wake up in the next life, i'll look for you to do those things again

the train is leaving
and the people are shoving me inside
it's really getting hard to stand my ground
but i turn around to wave one last time to you
and as i see your smiling face i wanted to cry
i'll write to you on my new destination
everyday i'll think about you
and fantasize about all those things we'd do once we board that plane

the truth of how i'll miss you is killing me
but i'm happy just thinking of how you'll miss me back
and i can't help but think back to our postponed trip
we'll ride that plane together one day when i come back
i promise you i'll take you far away
and we'll eat icecream, play in the sea and walk hand in hand
and we'll wake up in the next life and find each other
and do those things again together

wait for me

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06 July 2007 @ 02:17 pm

written while listening to: 
MY LOVE by Kim Dong Wan featuring Eric (track #7, Kim Dong Wan Is, composed, arranged, written by Lee Min Woo)
i was listening to the song, and suddenly, the words just came pouring out from my head and into my finger tips


the heavy rain is falling
it's cascading down my back
and your feet are running
it's getting farther
oh god i can't breathe

where are you now?
can you still hear me?
the sound of my voice is like a whisper to you now
and it's making my heart ache because everyhting else is considered nothing now
whatever happened to the love we shared?
was it ever there?

love, love love love

the rain is still a downpour
a heavy shower of hatred
and tears
i'm sorry
i knew i hurt you
but whatever happened to "forever love"?

i'll send you a postcard one day
to tell you that i'm already doing okay
that i still listen to our song every morning
and that your sweater is still in my closet
and i'll write about how even though the love between us has gone away
i'll still keep its remnants forever

and that's forever love, my love

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