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21 November 2007 @ 03:09 am



I know we all need money but what the fuck is your problem? Earn money by doing more shows, advertising more artists and other means that ARE LEGAL AND FAIR DAMN IT.

Don't hold a music award and have the nominees pay you so they'd win. DAMN LEE SOO MAN AND HIS FUCKING DIRTY TACTICS.

I feel sorry for DBSK,. SUJU and all those other artists who won in the MKMF just because they WORKED HARD PAID MKMF. I know maybe DBSk, SUJU and all the other artists didn't do it themselves but fuck, their companies did and their companies represents them.

If you're a decent artists with a heart not only set to gain money but to share your music because you love music and because you love your fans, you'd do yourself a favor and leave those fucking management companies just like what SHINHWA did.

Don't do things because of money.

And yeah, one more word for those cheaters:


and NO WAY am I apologizing this time to those who might be offended. BE OFFENDED, darn. Love the right artist.


Oh and yeah, I wonder how it feels to win an award you don't deserve? Hm.. I should go and ask SUJU, they ought to know.
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Current Music: Die Lee Soo Man, Die by All the artists who are fair and good
13dayfairytale: shinhwasogood13dayfairytale on November 21st, 2007 01:14 am (UTC)
I'm sorry Cassie. I know I said no apologizing but because you're special, you're definitely an exception.

I really am not hating on SUJU per se, I just hate those who "did the dirty tactics" namely their company and the many others. I just wish that they'd see this and leave the company like what Shinhwa did. SUJU are very entertaining people, they're just being over shadowed by DBSK in SM but hey, SM are known for over shadowing great artists like what they did with Shinhwa (being over shadowed by H.O.T.).

How can I hate a group that Minu and Wan are close to? Have you seen the manwon hapiness of wan part 2? Kangin and Wan love was so apparent in it. Plus the SNSD video where the girls greeted Minu and Minu said that SUJU is now going down because of Kangin. LOL!

But really, I don't know what to say because I don't really support SUJU (that much) like how I support Shinhwa. When they're attacking Shinhwa, support Shinhwa and explain it to them. When we're attcking SUJU (like what i partially did), support SUJU and explain (like what you did to me). Don't take sides if you don't have to.

I feel like this is the "crazy-DBSK-fans" issue. I don't hate DBSK but I hate their crazy fans. It's not their fault that they have crazy fans, not their fault that their crazy fans are doing crazy things but at least, please, as the idols here, they should at least make some effort to control their fans.

And yes, about the "right artist", to me, Shinhwa is the "right artist" but to you, it's "SUJU and Shinhwa". So I still say, love the right artist.

Cass, I'm sorry again. Not for saying these things but for hurting your feelings.

binkikittybinkikitty on November 21st, 2007 01:47 am (UTC)
I always defend both because I do love both Suju and Shinhwa with my heart.

I think there are a lot of reasons SUJU doesn't leave SM. For one, SUJU is 13 (and possibly now 14) members. Each of those members has something going on apart from the group album. Eunhyuk and Teukie doing radio, the actors, Sungmin's radio, the MCs, etc. It's too much. Shinhwa is six members with a strong leader who were able to make the decision based on courage and desperation. As far as we can tell, SUJU is not desperate for change. Right now, they're secure where they are, they're often overworked but what star isn't? And, they love what they're doing even when it gets hard. With 13 members, I doubt it would be possible to leave SM and still keep all 13 members together. Not to mention are brutal the SM contracts tend to be. But maybe they're happy?

Some members of Super Junior are close with members of Shinhwa, which is what also hurts me when I see people on either side attacking the artists.

This anger you're haboring, I hope it'll fade soon. For everyone. This is a problem within the industry unfortunately. The artists are always the scape-goats.

13dayfairytale13dayfairytale on November 21st, 2007 04:54 am (UTC)
That's really good to hear that you're defending both. And I get you're point with why SUJU can't really move out of SM. With Shinhwa, they were just fed up too much and I think SM paying this one award giving body to give Shinhwa's award to BoA to promote her was the last straw.

I don't know about "anger" but I tend to just be really "angry" when it comes to SM. It's unfair on my part but it's like I've stereotyped them which is not really good. I hope SM would just stop being "the King" and be fair once in a while.

If an artist won an award, give it to them.